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Manufacturer and Exporter of Casein, Milk Protein Concentrates & Whey with Reliable Quality from Farm to Table
We make your Food Products More Desirable to Consumers
ISO 9001 : 2008, 22000 : 2005
FSSC 22000 Certified Company
Above 17 years of Milk Handling Experience | 500,000 Litres of Milk Per Day  | 20 + Years of Technical Expertise
JAS ANZ ISO 22000 : 2205 Certified Company
FSSC 22000 V 2013 DNV Certified Company

How to make Food Products More Desirable?

Milk Protein Concentrates
Goodness for Everyone at Every Stage of Life.
"From Your Friend's Farms to your Home, Raaj Group, Protects and Delivers the Natural Goodness of Dairy"
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All the Above Products are Made from 99.98% Farm Fresh, Grass Fed, Carefully & Responsibily Sourced Cow's Milk.
Raaj group, Raaj Proteins Division and Raaj Milk Division, We Manufacture World Class Dairy Ingredients With excellent Hygiene Standards From Cow Milk. Dairy Ingredients viz.,

Milk Protein Concentrates: MPC 50, MPC 70, MPC 80 - Concentrating Protein Levels in Milk and Removing the Lactose Content - Giving  a Fat Free But Fat like Taste Profile to your Food.
Dried Milk Products: Dairy Whitener Fresh, Rich and Creamy Feel to all Instant beverages, Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) in Normal and Very Low Fat Levels In Excellent Hygienic Conditions.
Casein and Caseinates: Casein and Caseinates from Farm Fresh Cow Milk Giving it a Good Taste Profile and Excellent Nutritional Benefits. Cow Milk Casein.
Whey Protein Concentrates: Whey Powder and Whey Protein Concentrates from Fresh Whey Giving your Food products.
Lactose and Milk permeates: Lactose and High Lactose Content Milk powder to add the Flavour and Taste to Chocolate making for Tatse and in Baked Food for Caramelizing Effect (Browning).
Skimmed / Evaporated Milk: Concentrated Milk is Supplied in Bulk india wide for Multiple Food Processing Industries who use Diary in their Products.
Liquid Milk & Retail Milk:  We supply Liquid milk Both in Bulk (Tankers or in 40 L Cans) and as Retail Packages, South India wide.
Cow Milk Ghee / Butter : Made from 99.98% Cow milk This Gives a Distinct Supreme Flavour and Increases the Desirability of Suitable Food Products.
Pasteurized Cream : Fresh Pasteurized Sweet Cream (40% to 65% Fat) Made from Fresh Cow Milk Gives Excellent Flavour and Taste Profilke to Bakers and Ice Creams.

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