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Casein & Casenates


Casein and Casenates are well known in the food and health industries and are available from RAAJ group in both Acid and Rennet form depending on the end use application of the product.

Raaj Cow Milk Casein is manufactured from 99.9% Farm fresh Cow Milk, Grade A, pasteurized, if needed Micro Filtered 0 Fat% skimmed milk.

Raaj Cow Milk Casein - Acid casein is prepared by a Continuous Coagulation from cooking skimmed milk under the influence of sour whey or technical acid. The next step is rinsing the clots under the stream and further processing takes place in compression, grinding and drying unit in a continuous process.

Casein is generally not consumed as a food on its own. Casein products are used mainly as ingredients in foods for the purpose of either modifying the physical properties of that food product or providing nutritional Supplementation to it.  As a consequence, they usually form a relatively minor proportion of the food.

Casein is vastly used by Major Brands in product Including Bakery, Cheese Products, Coffee whiteners, Creamers, Confectionery, Cultured Milk products, yoghurt, High fat powders, shortenings, spreads, Ice cream, frozen desserts, Infant foods, Instant breakfasts and beverages, Meat Products, Nutritional food bars, Pasta, Pharmaceuticals, Soups, Gravies, Sports drinks, Whipped toppings. Raaj Cow Milk Casein Gives the Speciality of Cow Milk Keratine and Other Valueable Proteins and Enzymes its Best form as its Produced from Pure farm Fresh Minimum 2.5 Hours MBRT Raw Chilled Milk. This Gives Raaj Cow Milk Casein technical and Product Taste and Functionality wise advantage and Our Users are Satisfied by the Profile and Betterment that they can Achieve.

Applications Of Raaj Cow Milk Casein

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Milk Products

Texture enhancement

Prevents the Over Hardenning of Protein Shell formed in Process (Syneresis)

Improvement in Taste Profile Giving Better mouth feeling

Stabilization of dressings and toppings

Protein enrichment in milk drinks

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Cheese

Prevents the Over Hardenning of Protein Shell formed in Process (Syneresis)

Standardization of cheese milk

Yield increase in various types of cheese

Emulsifying of imitation and processed cheese

Protein source in Imitation cheese

Can Create Mozerella Cheese Instantly at usage Points

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Yoghurt

Stabilisation of yoghurt structure

Reduction of whey separation (syneresis)

Neutral in taste

Improvement of yoghurt texture and quality

Mainly based on milk proteins

Replacer for skim milk powder

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Coffee Creamer

Increased whitening effect

Building of stable and creamy emulsions

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Sports Nutrition

Dietetic, sports and infant food

Increase of nutritional value

Stabilization of the product properties

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Beverages

Fining of wine and juice

Stabilization and increase of the viscosity in beverages (e.g. cream liqueur)

Raaj Cow Milk Casein in Meat Products

Emulsifying in meat products

Yield increase due to the addition of functional proteins

Improved waterbinding capacity in cooked ham and minced meat products

Prevention of fat and jelly separation

Enhanced texture of the final produc

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