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Goodness for Everyone at Every Stage of Life.

Food Products Our Solution Enhances
Cheese and Paneer Milk Protein Concentrates Double your Production - With Same Equipment and Cost
Processed / Mozerella Cheese Casein / Rennet Casein Instantly Made
Beverage Whitener / Instant Hot Beverages Dairy Whitener / Skimmed Milk Powder Flavour and Aroma - Feels like Fresh Milk
Whipped Cream Casein and Sodium Caseinates Texture and Stability
Ice Creams Milk Protein Concentrates & Sweet Whey Powder Taste, Texture and Rich Feel
Milk Chocolate / Confectioneries Milk Permeate Powder or Milk Protein Concentrates Flavour / Sweetness aith Excellent aroma
Milk Sweets Condensed or Evaporated Whole / Skim Milk Ease of Making - Yield and Aroma
Bakery - Bread and Puff Whey Powder Caramelization Effect, Puffing, Aroma & Freshness
Biscuits / Cookies Whey Powder / Milk Permeate Powder Texture and Overall Taste
Nutrition Powder / Health Bars Whey Protein / Milk Protein concentrates Nutritional Value, Body Acceptance & Binding with Taste Profile

If you use any Dairy products in your products, Contact us to know how we can help in its betterment