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Milk Permeate Powder


Milk Permeate powders are well known in the food and health industries and are available from RAAJ group in ultra-filtered form. We produce 17% Protein concentration levels from 99.9% Cow Milk.

Raaj Milk Permeate Powder is manufactured from 99.9% Farm fresh Cow Milk, Grade A, pasteurized, ultra-filtrated skimmed milk. The product is processed with low heat to maintain a high nutritional value.

Raaj Milk Permeate Powder WPPS provides excellent solubility and dispersibility, a very clean, Freshest Flavour and Aroma profile, and good heat stability.

Raaj Milk Protein Powder Give Better Caramelization preperties to the chocolates and Bakery Items an Excellent Flavour and Taste Profile when Used instead of SMP. As the Lactose is High, The Sugaryness is High - Giving Better taste and Flavour.

Raaj Milk Permeate Powder with More Lactose is used by Sweet / Confectionery / Chocolate Makers to Healthily Deliver Better Sweetness to their product with Considerable reduction in Milk Flavor.

Raaj Milk Permeate Powder is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk using a proven low- heat membrane filtration process. This process of ultra-filtration and dia-filtration separates the protein to a certain level and carbohydrate fractions along with a portion of the water soluble vitamins and minerals that flow into the Milk Permeate product. Unlike whey permeate, which is made from by-products of the cheese making process, Raaj Milk Permeate Protein Powder contains only that which is found in fresh Skimmed milk.

Raaj Milk Permeate Powder is typically 72% lactose (minimum 70%), 17% protein, 8% ash plus a trace amount of fat. The total moisture level averages 4.5% or below. Raaj Milk Permeate was designed to be the highest quality Milk Permeate available on the market. In contrast to whey permeate, Raaj Milk Permeate is non-hygroscopic, near neutral pH, and has a sweet bland milky flavor and aroma. It is Grade A and manufactured for the food market. A few of the major uses of RAAJ Milk Products Milk Permeate are:

Standardization of Dairy. Blends

Bakery and Confectionery.

Dairy Based Blends.

Cultured Dairy Products.

Maltodextrin Replacement as fillers in Nutrition Products.

Bakery and Confectionery

Raaj Milk Permeate is a good alternative ingredient to skim milk powders, whey powder and lactose. In most bakery applications, Milk Permeate can replace sweet whey powder on a 1:1 basis and deliver Better blend to the Final Products. Milk Permeate provides the same browning characteristics and has a superior flavor profile vs. whey powder. In addition, the minerals in Raaj Milk Permeate Powder can assist with sodium reduction without sacrificing flavor. From compound coatings and caramels to cookies and cakes Raaj Milk Permeate is an excellent choice to reduce cost and improve yield with flavor & Taste.

Dairy Based Blends

Milk based blends cover a multitude of products from Ice Cream Blends to Bakery Blends; from Nonfat Dried Milk to Milk Protein Concentrates with specific protein levels for specific applications. There are two major milk components in these blends that are adjusted to enhance functionality: Protein and Carbohydrate. Both RAAJ Group's Milk Products MPC and MPP are designed to be used in the entire spectrum of dairy based blends.

Use RAAJ Milk Permeate in Dairy Based Blends

Raaj Milk Permeate powder can be added to Dairy Based Blends as a dairy based bulking agent, especially in blends where protein is being standardized. Raaj Milk Permeate is a sought after ingredient in a multitude of dairy blends because of its mild sweet milky flavor, non-hygroscopicity and uniform crystal size. These characteristics enhance ease of blending for the manufacturer and ease of use for the end user.