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Retail Milk Division


The company has been established in the name of Sarayu Cryogenics Private Limited, in the year 1995, for the manufacture of liquid oxygen due to market volatility the company name has been changed as A.R.DAIRY FOOD PRIVATE LIMITED, in the year 1998 for production of milk and milk products.

Brand Name : RAAJ in Tamilnadu & kerala  ,    MALABAR in Kerala.

Our retail Milk Division as on 01 Dec 2015

Installed Capacity : 400,000 Litre of Milk/Day

Milk Processing : At Present Handling 250,000 Litres/Day

Packing Division : Retail Milk Current Handling 140,000 Litre/Day

Condensing Division : 80,000 Litre of Milk/Day

Milk Drying Division : 6,000 Kg of Milk Powder/Day

Curd : 8000 Kg/Day

Please Visit www.ardairy.com or mail to info@raajmilk.com

For more info Milk Ingredients are Manufactured at Dindigul Farm Products (www.raajfarm.com)

Raaj Retail Milk Division, with Milk Ingredients Division, Follows the Internationally Optimized standards in Processing Technology to Transfer the Milk Proteins in its Best Possible form from the Grass fed Cows to Every Retail Customer in South India.

We ensure that Goodness of Dairy reaches the Consumers and We take up the Responsibility to Deliver the Proteins and Goodness in Milk by Following - Specific Parameters in Collecting, Processing, Packing and Storing to Ensure that the Goodness in Not Disturbed at any phase - Resulting in a Milk Quality that is unmatched in South India.

We Follow - Purity & Integrity at everystage of Processing.