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Whey Protein Powder


Whey Powder & Protein Concentrates are well known in the food and health industries and are available from RAAJ group in both Acid Whey and Sweet Whey form depending on the end use application of the product. We produce 10%, 17%, 34%, 50 % & 70% Whey Protein concentration levels from Fresh Whey Made from Acid Casein Process / Cheese Manufacturing Process.

Raaj Whey Powders and Raaj Whey Protein Concentrates are manufactured as from Grade A, pasteurized, Nano-filtered skimmed whey. The product is processed with low heat to maintain a high nutritional value. WPC 34, WPC 50

Raaj whey Powders and raaj whey powder concentrates provides excellent solubility and dispersibility, a very clean (Sweet Whey), Freshest Flavour and Aroma profile, and good heat stability.

Raaj Whey Proteins and Raaj Whey Protein Concentrates are used to give the Essential Proteins in Milk to the Consumer without Delivering the Casein protein and Milky Flavor.

Most Effective Protein that Provides Good Health Benefits to the Protein Delivery Based Consumer Products, Infant Formulation , Formula Optimization & Bakery products; Giving Better Benefits for the Consumer. Raaj Whey Protein Concentrates Gives Various Characters to the final products and the Product's Gained property is as Detailed Below. Raaj Whey Protein Concentrates are Made from Fresh Whey and hence the Flavour Profile and Blending Taste Profile is Better when compared to the Products available in the Market.

BAKETEX+ is a Whey Powder Combination, Prepared from Fresh Whey using Cold Filtration Process.

Raaj dairy ingredients Baketex+ is used in the manufacturing of biscuits, rusks, puffs and breads to increase the browny ness, taste, aroma and texture profile. Baketex+ has a clean, neutral taste and water-binding properties that add to texture and help slow the rate of deterioration, as well as their protein and other nutritional contributions. Whey proteins stand out as a great way to help bakery manufacturers meet the considerable challenges of working with whole grains.

Functional Property Reaction Mechanism Food Products
Water Binding & Hydration Provides fat-like attributes in products allowing reduction in fat content, improved texture and moistness. Proteins can Help Reduce Formula Costs as the Proteins hold Additional Water Meats, Beverages, Breads, Cakes, Baked products, beverages, dairy products, Sausages, coffee creamers, soups and sauces
Gelation, Viscosity and Heat Setting Protein - Protein Interactions produce Matrix Formation and Setting. Maintains moistness and improves texture and mouth feel. Salad Dressings, Soups, Setting Cheeses, Baked Products, Gravies, Meats, Yoghurts, Beverages
Emulsification Proteins Stabilize Fat emulsions; Creates stable Emulsions and Prevents Fat Globules from Forming. Baked Products, Beverages, Ice- Cream Mixes, Mayonnaise-type Dressings, Sausages, Soups, Cakes, Salad Dressings, Infant Foods.
Foaming, Whipping & Aeration Maintains foam Proterties, Enhancing Appearance, Taste and Texture, Proteins form stable film. Foaming Proterties are the Best when the Whey Proteins are not DeNatured and Not competing with other surfactants at the air / water interface. Whipped dressings, Chiffon Cakes, Desserts
Browning, Flavour & Aroma Proteins contribute to browning by reacting with laactose and other reducing sugars present in a formulation, Providing color to heated products. WPC is bland tasting and contribute no foreign or off flavours, when used as an ingredient. Confections. Meats in Microwave, Sauces, Breads, Low-Fat Baked Goods, Soups, Dairy Products
Flavour Enhancement Brings out already present flavours or adds flavour. Baked products, beverages, confectionery, snacks
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